white salmon, wa

so, andy and i have booked a 4 day mini vacation to a super dooper cute cabin on the lake/river in white salmon, wa. i am pumped! why?

  • the dog is coming
  • it has a private dock
  • i had never heard of white salmon, wa (but the town is so stinkin’ cute)
  • it is right across from hood river, or – so there will be some state dabbling
  • dog is coming, better get a life jacket
  • boy time with the best boy
  • it’s been about a year since i had a real vacation

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6 Responses to white salmon, wa

  1. laura bora says:

    This place looks hella cool. I’m kinda jealous?
    Yep, I am.
    You make anything fun, Kaela. And that’s a fact! Remember when you came to visit and it rained like crazy and we went on an adventure in the woods where you played the librarian and I was the whore and Erik was Sawyer and Andy was Jack and we were lost on a deserted island running from the aliens?!
    I can only imagine the adventures you three will have out there in the wilderness. Do post all about it. Do.

  2. emily bo bemily says:

    that cabin is perfect and so are you.

  3. kaela says:

    laura lee, i will. will. :-)

  4. kaela says:

    thank you, emily bo bemily. i’m so excited to see you and bug you all day long!

  5. Jilly says:

    My grandparents live near there! White Salmon is ADORABLE and you’ll have so much fun! They have a brewery too.

  6. kaela says:

    ah no way!!! let me know if you recommend anywhere in particular. eeee!